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Zubair Salman

Lost most of my content

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I downloaded an update and Evernote lost most of the notes I had made. I have no idea why they even decided to keep some but delete others.

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The master verion of your notes is maintained on the Evernote servers and can be viewed at www.evernote.com
You should use your web browser to check if your notes are truly "lost"
This assumes your notes weren't set up in Local Notebooks; in which case backup is entirely your responsibility.

When you identify your device/platform, we can you you instructions on resolving your notes issue.

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I am using Windows 10 on my ASUS UX301 laptop. I logged into the website and they are not there. I had them until I installed the update. Why would Evernote delete them? Is there any way I can access them now?

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