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(Archived) Merge notes without deleting the originals

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I have a use case where I use Evernote premium as a photography locations database. As I traverse the web and research locations, I clip pages that have information on possible photo locations and that goes into a locations notebook in EN. So far so good. When I am about to plan an actual photo trip, I'll query EN by tags (I tag by state, county and photo subject) and come up with a resultset of locations. One location per note. If I use the merge notes functionality it automatically deletes the original notes that made up the merged note. What I really need is the ability to build a trip itinerary as a new merged note made up of those resultset notes (one stop on the trip is represented by each note) and have that as a new note without delete the originals. I'd put something like "Photo trip: Covered Bridges, Columbia County, PA 2010-07-28". I'd then print out that merged note and take it with me as my itinerary.

Sure, I could create a new note and copy/paste from the notes representing each stop on the trip but the merge function does this so well right now. If only there was a "Merge to new note/keep originals" option, this would be the perfect solution for me. I can't be alone in wanting that functionality. I know I can just retrieve the original notes from the trash but that seems like a clunky solution to me.


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