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Source scans from Camera Roll

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I'm curious it is possible to instead of taking photos/scans, but leverage an existing photo in the camera roll as an input to Scannable to leverage it's scale/reshape tools.

The application:

I attend trade shows and find the presented powerpoints useful.  The actual presentation materials are not physically shared with the audience, just projected.  Sitting in the audience I take the photo and have a number of slides in my camera roll.  The majority of these are trapezodial and would love to leverage scannable to reform the image like it would normally.  Then take several of these images to produce an output PDF. 

Please let me know if this is possible.  (or if anyone knows of a good app to take a set of photos of presented slides to reform and make a PDF.)  Then I would love to save the OCR'd PDF to Evernote.



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With the app „Office lens“ (Microsoft, free on the AppStore) beside other functions it is possible to open any picture from the camera roll of an iPhone or iPad. It can then be manually corrected to a frontal perspective by picking the edges, and saved back to the camera roll. There seems to be no automatic perspective correction, that exists if the picture is taken directly with Office Lens using the devices camera.

Once there is the collection of the corrected pictures, use an app to create a pdf from them (in my case PDF Expert from readdle).


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I have similar question. I would like to be able to use Scannable on an existing photo in the camera roll. Is it possible?

Sometimes I have already taken a photo of something and later I realize that I would actually like to scan it into Evernote.

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It would be wonderful to have this functionality in Scannable or native support within Evernote as I would use it regularly.  Instead I'm using the suggested "workaround" by PinkElephant above (Microsoft's Office Lens.)

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Nice, but not effective.

If anybody wants to get this, you should open a feature request in the appropriate section of the forum. There others can vote for it.

I would give this request not one of the Top-placements among all requests that are still pending. It is pretty specific and does not really solve anything.

If you want a picture from the camera roll in EN, then you can easily import it into an existing or a new note.

If you want to convert a picture into a scanned version of itself, use an app that is built to do so, and share the result into EN. I proposed above OfficeLens, which is able to do so and comes for free. Other apps like ScannerPro (that is not free, but powerful) can do the same trick, and offer more control over the result.

There is simply no need or urgency to implement this into EN itself.

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