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Hi, i encountered this problem last week or so, in a note i have made 2 years ago, i started to replace some words with emojis so it would be shorter and use up less screen space.

in the past 7-10 days all emojis in the not just vanished like they were deleted and not by me, and since only I have access to my evernote account it's suspicious. I don't have a backup of the note and don't have a premium account. is there a way to get the note back from last month or so, perhaps be granted 24h note history to get the content back and save it again and also so i can back it up?

PS: the only emoji left in the note is the wrist watch(but i used many more, like sick, sad, books, work, light, lightning, bulb, and other emojis)!

Other: another problem is that the app freezes constantly... in the last 5 years or more since I've been using the app on 2 mobile phones, only the past few months working slow and lots of freezes and the emoji problem this month. why? Oh and my Oneplus2 can't update to Android 7 or 8 because they stopped updating the Os for it so until i get the money for a new phone I can't update my Android Os!

Evernote version 8.0 on Android 6.0.1

All help appreciated,


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