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Font used on the website

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13 hours ago, SandroVOX said:

Does anyone know what is the font type Evernote uses on the website?

I had this saved in Evernote back in December 2015 from their website. Hope it helps.


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  • 2 years later...

There are a lot of beautiful and well worked website on the internet, but if I had to chose the style of my website, I would chose the the evernote style, they always new how to make simple and beautiful. Moreover, the colours are chosen perfectly and this green is making everything clear, nothing is harmful, it is easy and comfortable to use, the perfect website and webdesigners. They know how to take care of visitors and I would like to promote them with https://crowdo.net/blog/crowd-marketing/, they realy deserve it.

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  • 6 months later...

I love evernote website because of its simple and beautiful platform that we can use. it is easy and comfortable to use. I want to introduce another web https://tazzidesign.com/ .Taz Dorodi (Tazzidesign ) is an ambitious, creative and highly motivated individual designer that lives and breath her work, the real passion that is reflected in depth of her designs.

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