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Web Clipper Chrome extension steals JavaScript "keyup" events

David 547

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The Evernote Web Clipper Chrome extension is stealing the JavaScript "keyup" events, thus breaking our app. Our customers have been complaining to us and we've finally narrowed it down to this Chrome extension. It is blocking the arrow keys, but also some other random keys, such as "f". I suspect it is blocking all keys that are some kind of shortcuts in this extension.

So far, we've reproduced the problem in Chrome, but we have not tested other browsers yet.

This is a major problem for our app – we're now recommending that our customers uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper extension. Several already have.

Please fix it and release an update ASAP. If there is a workaround for our app or a way to completely block the Web Clipper extension for our site, please let me know.

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We've found a workaround for our app – listen for the keyUp event on the "document" object instead of the "window" object and set the the "useCapture" parameter of "addEventListener" to true.

Evernote staff, please forward this bug report to your developers. Their event listener is not allowing the event to bubble up to other event listeners, even when the user hasn't clicked to open the Evernote extension. This is clearly wrong.

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David, thanks for the details.

We are also experiencing this in our app. We are requiring customers to disable the extension so our app can work.

I hope Evernote are going to fix this bug ASAP.

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