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Help with formatting on iOS clipped sites

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Hello all,


I used EN off and on for years for simple typed notes at work, and have just started using it for cataloging various internet content. I have been very pleased with the functionality in MacOS Safari, but am frustrated with the options on iOS. If I try to send something to EN via the Evernote icon on the "share" menu in Safari or the youtube app, the result is essentially garbage. It wouldn't be so bad if it was simply the full webpage, but the formatting is so messed up it's not usable. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?

I've included screenshots of notes viewed on the PC version that were created on iPhone.

  • The first two screenshots are of an article I clipped on iOS. You can see that the entire first few pages are a bunch of unformatted ads, some stuck in an overlay that I can't remove or alter. This ad overlay goes right over the article text, and I can't see how to remove it. Full clipped pages clipped on desktop don't do this.
  • The third screenshot is of a clipped youtube video. Unlike the nice photo and link you get when clipping on desktop, it again has a big ad overlaid that I can't remove.

This is totally useless....is there a better way to do it?


Thanks for your help.





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On 6/7/2018 at 1:58 PM, brettofthejungle said:

This is totally useless....is there a better way to do it?

I don't have great success with iOS capturing either. 

Instead, when I am capturing on the go, I will capture the website link only, then once I get to a computer, I will click on the link and open up the website to capture it either as a simplified article or a screenshot etc.

It adds another step of course, but I like the content to look like how it is intended and sometimes the Webclipper does not deliver. My work around.

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Same problem here. Clipping fom Mac works well, from iOS is a disaster. Totally useless. Don't understand why there are not more reactions to be found in the internet on this subject.

Is there any recognition from Evernote on this problem?

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