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(Archived) Automatically adding new snapshots in WM?

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Try installing Evernote for Windows Mobile on your phone:


I installed that on my WM5 Samsung Blackjack, and then configured it to automatically upload images when they are saved on the device. (The default behavior requires you to manually specify images to upload, for privacy reasons.)

Now, whenever I take a picture with my phone, it is immediately uploaded into my Evernote account. E.g. I snapped this photo from my phone in Portland, and it was in my account when I got home:


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Ah yes no idea how i missed that... First time i passed through "Schedule" i wasn't sure what that was all about (even though in hindsight it seems rather obvious). Question though, is there a way to set it so that it automatically uploads on save AND manually asks me (so i can save *most* snapshots by just clicking "yes" on a popup after taking a pic for example but deny the few that i don't want sent to evernote)?

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We'll definitely give that some thought, although I'd be a little worried that would be annoying. E.g. you'd want to take a couple of pictures ... take one, save it, and suddenly Evernote pops up and asks you if you want to upload it.


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Maybe the option to turn it on an off in options? Not sure if i am alone here but about 90% of the "snapshots" i take are bound for EN so would be useful to me :) I'd also LOVE the ability to tag them as they go in (from my phone). I have a current app called "Shozu" that does this now (intercepts photos as they are taken and allows you to email them to someone or post to a blog/facebook, etc. after adding some comments -- all automatically). Just a thought!

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