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evernote Saved Search (Ctrl-Q) not getting refreshed

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1.  Saved search string if used than the new either tags or notes added to tha same is not getting included .

2. e.g on 1-6-2016 I have tags as below proj-6001 , proj-6002 , proj-6003

and used the search tag: proj-, and resulted into search of proj-6001, proj-6002, & proj-6003

now on 5-6-18, i have added new tag proj-6004, & proj-6005.

and on 6-6-18, if i use the search (ctrl-q) tag: proj- than the tags proj-6001, proj-6002, proj-6003 are only displayed (based on search history of 1-6-18) & not getting refreshed with tags added later on. 

Plese provide refresh feature 

Nitin Shah 

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I tried this; it seems to be working fine. A saved search just applies the search you saved, and doesn't know anything about previous searches that you made. Are there any other terms than "tag:proj-"? What does the Search Info panel say?

Note: strictly speaking, your saved search should be "tag:proj-*" (using the wildcard), not "tag: proj-" (with a wildcard and a space character; that's a different search entirely). I could not get the latter to work in either a normal search or a saved search.

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Could it be referencing the recent searches which appear and a tag:proj-6004 was never done or a saved search for tag:proj-6004 was never created?

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