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(Archived) checkbox broken?



Is this a know bug with the current version of EN for mac? Can't make a checkbox at all. Cntrl Shift C does nothing. Even tried Option Shift C and Command Shift C. No checkbox at all. Is anyone else having this problem?

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Thanks for the reply. Didn't know there was a button to do it, and it works fine. See below.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, Command Shift t works fine. I guess I wasn't around when the changed the keyboard shortcut for inserting a checkbox. Tried to look it up, but EN help didn't give me anything even vaguely relevant when I did the search for "checkbox". Found the apparently old shortcut in the forums. (EN might want to look at updating the help screens to include, "How to create a checkbox".)

Edit: I found the EN user manual just now - strangely, the only references to checkboxes are in the section on advanced searches. No mention of how to create one.

I guess I should expect this, I hardly use EN 3 on my mac at home. I mostly store recipes and quotes and a few other important pieces of info, but haven't done anything like a checkbox in years. It is handy to have access to it from other places, like my phone. Still use 2.2 at work, and it's still chugging away, doing all the things it does so well.

I went to EN this morning because I read in "The Trunk" about egret, and was curious as to how that would work for me. Not sure it applies, I seldom take pictures of my cameras, not even to remember which one to take with me on a trip. Still haven't taken a picture of a wine bottle label in all these years. The features of 2.2 still suit me better even now. But maybe I should brush up on the new EN since I have it on my mac and could probably find new uses for it if I knew what it does these days. If only I could figure out how the side panel with the tags and searches all run together in one list. Hard to know what does what and how to use it.

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