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Can't remove empty business notes after converting from business to personal account

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21 hours ago, mmarkezich said:

Same problem here. Empty "ghost" notebooks that I can't delete. Interestingly, they're not visible in the browser version of Evernote.

Interesting, if the web app does not show it, I wonder if uninstalling and reinstalling the desktop app will fix it.

Also, you can try fixing all notes option.

Finally, you can try the Twitter help if these do not work. Others might have better ideas, let's see if anybody else replies.


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On 2/25/2019 at 5:12 AM, lowrider1814 said:

Same problem here. Have any of you found solutions in the last few months? EN MacOS app won't even allow me to delete them from my sidebar menu.


Simply deleting the app and re installing it didn't work for me.

I did follow those steps : https://osxuninstaller.com/uninstall-guides/uninstall-evernote-mac/ (without downloading their app) as a clean uninstall solution.

It did the trick for me.


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  • Evernote Staff*

I can confirm there are known issues with the clients cleaning up business entities when a user is removed from an Evernote Business account. None of the content is accessible, but there will be empty notes/notebooks. The solution for any client is to make sure to log out, shut down, and then remove the locally cached database. Logging back in will then re-sync everything back to your system from the Evernote servers. One caution is to make sure that you are fully sync'ed before you remove your local state. You can double-check this by logging into the web client, since that is purely working off the Evernote server state.

I've personally filed tickets for this issue across several of our clients. I believe the Mac version fixed the problem a little while back, but there's still open tickets for other clients. I'm pushing to get these issues resolved soon.

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