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I was take notes on something updating it regularly over two days. I went to it today and it there but blank. I do not have premium account status? Can't figure out what happened to the notes.  I'd like to go back to the history notes. If I upgrade my account will the notes be there?

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I have no idea what happened to my dream book while I found the unlocked phone in my pocket. My text of 12,000 words accumulated over 2 years was singled out, replaced by a stuck symbol, underlined, highlighted with a marker and crossed out. I upgraded to the premium version and got into the web version of the new clean account without my notes. It was some kind of mistake, because I logged into an existing account, I canceled the subscription, so that money was not written off from the wrong account and re-entered into the system. My notes have appeared, and the subscription has ceased to be active. What was it? It turned out the account was correct, I put a premium to roll back the changes in my dream book, and eventually I saw an empty canvas of notes, as if a new account had been created and I did not have those notes. No warning that the account is loading the web version of the client for so long, although I improved the program from the computer, the post also wrote about creating a new account, not improving the CURRENT. Now what? It remains only to pay for this awkward mistake, instead of the missing impeccable improved version by mistake, misleading the former user, the future unleashed as new at registration? image.thumb.png.07f5706c34aac726b46759a0f9ba0d59.png

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