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Encrypted Portion of Note Deleted Accidentally

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Hi All!

I accidentally typed apple key + Z (ctrl + Z) while typing something because it is my "undo" in my most applications. After doing so all of the contents of my encrypted portion of my note was gone. There is no longer a passcode to tap to get into it. I really need to retrieve it. There was a lot of important information encrypted. It seems like a bit of a design/key flaw to have that happen so easily on accident.
Thank You!
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4 minutes ago, nrobleto said:

I really need to retrieve it. 

I retrieve content from backups.

I have personal backups and Evernote runs a Note History backup.

Access to the Note History data is a paid feature; you can subscribe for a single month.


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1 minute ago, nrobleto said:

Shouldn't there be another way?

There are feature requests where you can add your vote.  These include read-only option and delete confirmation.

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9 minutes ago, nrobleto said:

I am still unable to recover the note.

When I access Note History, I'm presented with a list of versions to recover968456646_ScreenShot2018-05-31at11_35_31.png.0eb474378b4b54716385d798a8cd3973.png

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