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Why on earth isn't there the option of making our notes with auto title.... without it being interrupted with Calendar events or Location...??!!!! 

like just auto title, so it's a little preview of the note as it mostly does, unless you have a calender event which then ruins the note title and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn this off, otherwise the notes are all Untitled Notes..... 

can't there just be AUTO TITLE without calender or location in the title? I am. glad to have the gps as part of the note but not the note saying 'Note from....' every time!!!! 

maybe this is already a discussion, but it hasn't been resolved, I really can't understand how people manage to put up with this? is there another trick to having just a regular auto title function???? and why isn't it more simple to activate 

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There is a request for this feature:

You could go there and click on the up arrow at the top to vote for it. There's also a recent topic in the Android discussion forum:

WRT controlling auto-titling by place and calendar event, in the app click the menu button at top left, scroll down to settings, then Notes, and see the Add Info section. Of course, it's always possible to add a title to a note manually so they're not Untitled. That way you can give it something distinctive within an overall system of organization.

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