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Bug: Tag auto-complete doesn't preserve typed capitalization

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Tag auto-complete is an excellent feature, but, if the user does not use the auto-complete suggestion, the typed capitalization should be preserved. For instance, I have a tag "MMS." If I start tagging a note with "maintenance," auto-complete first suggests "MMS." As I continue to type, this suggestion is withdrawn, but the capitalization of the suggestion remains. So, I end up with the tag "Maintenance" rather than "maintenance." This becomes more annoying when the first two letter match. For instance, I have a tag "MAG" and want to tag with "maintenance." The result after auto-complete makes suggestions is "MAintenance." The auto-complete should definitely preserve existing tag capitalization if I use an existing tag. If I tag "mag," it should substitute "MAG," but it should respect typed capitalization if I type a new tag rather than using the auto-complete suggestion.

I know this behavior occurs with the Mac client, but I am unsure which other platforms this applies to.

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Three years after the bug filed now. Problem still exists.


i got to type "house" and it suggests "HOD" - so when I keep typing "house" I get "HOuse"



PS: the only kludgy workaround is to go back and type "HOhouse" and then delete first two capitals

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Sigh. I was just nearly screaming at my Mac as I tried to get Evernote to tag something "IKEA" rather than "iKEA". Evernote's changed beyond recognition since 2010, but the things that annoy me don't seem to go away.



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