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(Archived) latest update 1.10.0 can't open some notes



i'm on os x 10.6.4, immediately after updating to 1.10.0 i noticed off behaviour - the preview did not change when i clicked on a new note, even when i went into a different folder, also some notes don't open

there appears to be an issue with Safari 5.0, notes don't open when clicked just a grey screen, the same notes open ok on evernote web

notes saved from Entourage as PDF's, PDF's dragged from desktop to evernote don't seem to have the same issues as Safari ones

on previous version when saving to evernote, it showed the new note and allowed categorisation, now it does not for Safari - just goes to the default folder

regarding the frozen previews - when opening evernote the preview initially changes from note to note, when a certain note is clicked the preview freezes there and doesn't change, need to restart to get preview changing again, and the same note triggers a preview freeze again

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We are investigating a few other reports about this. Do the frozen previews randomly, or does it always start after you view a particular note in your account?

(If so, we'll contact you directly to get a copy of that note for investigation.)

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