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Very Slow pulling notes up when a tag is selected in 'search notes' bar

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I have about 5-6 business notebooks with about 7k notes in each, some containing large files. 

I arrange my files by a tag, and so when I select the tag in the 'search notes' box, it quickly finds the tag i'm looking for, but after  I select it, it could take 30-60 seconds to wait until all the notes are pulled up. I'm using a Mac Sierra OS version 10.13.4 and the update mac software.  It's getting to the point I can't use the software because of this lag.  I would try the online site , but apparently you can't search by tag yet on the new portal.  

Anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? Thanks.  I emailed customer service and they seemed to say they were working on it....

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