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Hello I am writing about the probems i have with evernote and auto titling 

I absolutely use auto titling with every note, 

i dont want to specifically write a separate note title each time 


I like to write a note and after it takes the first part of the note and makes it the title / introduction to the note... 

however ... in Mac. app there doesnt seem to be any auto title...!!! every note is always Untitled NOTE !!!!!! unless i must go and write specifically a new title for each note , this is terrible


then in android, it does make the auto title thank goodness... but if there is a calendar event , the auto title wont work , it will put a title like - Note from groceries or something Unwanted ......... or with gps, it will but always note from Milan every time........ 


what the hell is this ? 

why not just the basic option of ..... Auto title note ..... without the need for GPS or Calendar...??!!??!?!!! its INSANITY 

am i the only one that realises this ?? how could it be so ? 



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On 5/28/2018 at 2:38 PM, cconners said:

i dont want to specifically write a separate note title each time 

As you noted, this feature is not available on the Mac platform

Feel free to post a feature request, or add your vote to an existing request like the one below

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