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(Archived) Problems with “Clip Rectangle” from toolbar elephant



I am having trouble guiding and clicking the hair-lines to define the rectangle and copy it in two applications:

the pdf reader Skim and Mekentosj's Papers application (a pdf manager).

It works fine in the other applications I use, so why this problem? I use them both heavily in my work, so this is a pain...

Any other users of these two, with same problem? Any fixes?



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The hairlines don't respond easily to the mouse, but delay and jerk and then jump or don't move. They stick at apparent window edges (btw eg the notes bar and the main text In Skim) so I can't get them to line up where I want them,

And then on clicking, they disappear and I am back with the original application.

An added complication and puzzle - it all works fine on my MacBook Air with Skim (but not Papers) - but on my iMac I have problems with both - both machines are running OS 10.5.8.

All very messy - sorry, but I do want this to work. Evernote too brilliant otherwise to give up for this.


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I'm having the same exact problem. Mac OSX 10.6.4, mostly trying to clip screenshots from Google Chrome (7.0.517). Seems okay when I try to clip something form the Finder. Behavior is as described above.

Same problem here... can take the exact same URL and past it into Firefox and the clipper then works perfectly.

Latest Chrome 8.0.552.210 beta (tried Beta to see if it would help) OSX 10.6.5

Works elsewhere just fine, Finder and other apps.

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Same issue for me running 2.0 beta1 and OS X 10.6.5. I thought it was intermittent also but I have found that if you activate the crosshairs within the active window (using the keyboard shortcut) all is well. If you activate them outside the active window that's when it gets wonky. Also if you move the crosshairs outside the active window it exhibits the same jumpy sluggish behavior. So the workaround now is just use the keyboard shortcut.

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