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Saving email into Evernote & direct image save


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I'm bundling these questions together. 

I have a button in my Evernote Web Clipper that used to save emails into Evernote. It worked fantastically though since the newest Gmail update is gone. However, now I receive a message that the email is 'undefined'. I contacted Evernote and they said they were "doing a complete rebuild". I responded that it's only in Gmail and they said to check my settings as they haven't been receiving other complaints about it. Am I the only person who has lost this feature in the new Gmail?

Related, you used to be able to right click on a phone and save that directly into Evernote. This was really, really useful. However, now I can clip the entire page, clip a bookmark or clip a screenshot. Evernote said they were "doing a complete rebuild" and the functionality has been removed but they would "reach out and let me know" if it was returned. If I want to clip an image, I can do so to Google Keep and Google Drive or save it to my hard drive then upload. Is there some other trick to quickly saving images into EN without needing to save into another service first?

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