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Problems logging into this forum website

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In the last couple days, I've been having trouble logging onto this forum website. I've been using LastPass to automatically enter my passwords through Chrome for years. But now, it is saying my Display Name doesn't exist. I chose forgot password, created a new password in LastPass, saved it, but for several days, keep getting it. No problems though logging into my Evernote web account.

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I've not had problems logging in - ever.  If it is an issue,  I'd suggest raising a support ticket or reporting it on Twitter - we're (mainly) all users here with no access to the forum logs.

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The Banner announcement about the logging-in problems had a couple strange points.

1. It said to click here for more details, but the details were the exact same words used in the big banner.

2. The banner said they would get back to us when the logging-in problem was resolved.  I did not receive any notice either.



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36 minutes ago, jbenson2 said:

The banner said they would get back to us when the logging-in problem was resolved.

There was a second banner that was up for ~12 hours after the resolution saying that it had been resolved, I think that's what they meant by "get back to us".

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