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(Archived) May the "Tag Force" be with you...

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I LOVE tags.

Notebooks are really just base-level tags in disguise. eg: every note must have just one of these tags to mark it's base-level grouping.

IMHO folks who want sub-folders etc., just aren't prepared to make the leap into "tag world". They need to relax and let the "tag force" be with them. Tags effectively enable notes to be in multiple folders/sub folders at the same time.

But it's counter-intuitive, as it's about LESS "organization" of notes not more! But organization is not really what it's about. It's about FINDING the notes you need and grouping them to read/scan.

But as humans we're used to feeling that in order to find something we need to know "where" it is - ie: in a folder somewhere. But this is just imprisoning them. Tag's liberate them - and you!

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