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How to submit a ticket for Billing/Payment, Subscription, Student Discounts, and Referral Points Issues

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Hi All,
We often see posts and inquiries from users encountering issues with billing/payment, subscription, student discounts, or referral points Issues.
In order to receive assistance with these types of issues you must open a support ticket as we cannot assist you with payment, billing, or subscription issues here in the discussion forums.
The reasons for this are to avoid the dissemination of user’s private billing information within the forums, and because making changes to a user’s billing/subscription requires access to administrative tools that are only available to our commerce support team.
  1. To open a support ticket, go here. (You may be prompted to login to your Evernote Account)
  2. From the What can we help you with? dropdown menu, select the Billing and Payments category.
  3. From there, select the categories that most closely matches the type of billing/subscription issue you’re encountering.
  4. Once you have selected the topic, you should see the option to submit a support ticket at the bottom of the page. 
    The button looks like this:
Once you have submitted the ticket, one of our support agents will reach out to you to further assist you with the issue you’re encountering.
We appreciate your consideration, and thank you for using Evernote!
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If you send a support ticket, you receive an automatic E-Mail shortly after, no matter how much they have queued up in reality.

No email, no ticket.

Even if I am not sure about the workings behind it, I assume that if you answer to the first mail (usually with a KI-selection of help articles), your ticket will be proceeded. If you don't answer, it is probably taken that the KI did work for you, which may lead to a downgrade of the ticket.

So I would always answer to that first email with something like NEED HELP.

If there is no email, you need to issue another ticket.

Waiting time was on my last tickets in the 8-10 days range.

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