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Set default from "All Notes" to one notebook

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Whenever I open Evernote on my iPad, it shows "all notes." I don't like that. I want it to only show notes from my main notebook. I can change the view setting, of course, but Evernote changes it back to "all notes." Is there default view setting that I can adjust to fix this problem? 

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Hi.  Not sure whether it applies in iOS,  but Android users have a widget that can be set up to show notes from a variety of sources - recently changed,  a specific notebook etc etc.  Can I ask why you prefer a one notebook view?  Is it for efficiency,  security or quickly finding recent notes? (See previous sentence!)  I ask because when you create a new note it should be possible to assign it to a specific notebook...

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Efficiency. Most of the time I want to look up notes that are in my main/default notebook. The view shows the most recently changed notes on top (which are from my default notebook, which is good). However, sometimes I want to look at or add something to a not-updated-as-often note that’s in my default notebook. That means switching from all notes to my default, which is annoying.

Predictability. I’m used to seeing the notes in my default notebook as the default! I don't remember having to fiddle with view settings before, so I’m thinking this all notes view is a new thing. A new annoying thing.

As for creating a new note, yes, I can assign it to a notebook or let it save to the default. That isn’t a problem for me. (The way new notes get titled, well, that’s another annoying thing!) It’s the default view of all notes that I really dislike. 

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1 hour ago, JerrySNB said:

I, too, would like to change the default view. When I open the Android app, I'd like to see the list of notebooks, not the list of notes.

Can you explain why you need this option in more detail?  It doesn't seem too hard to open the app,  swipe right and tap to see the list...

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It's not hard to do, its just annoying to have to do it so often.  I have hundreds of notebooks, but consistently use one many times a day.  I would love to have that be the default.  If you are annoyed by how often you have to use your simple four digit passcode because face id isn't working in a mask, you understand.  It is not that the process is difficult.  It is the number of times I am forced to do this.  

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9 hours ago, 262liz said:

I have hundreds of notebooks, but consistently use one many times a day.

Is this for looking things up,  or for making notes?  If looking up,  then a saved search (or several) should do the job.  If editing/ saving,  then maybe templates or a 'standard' note that can be duplicated as necessary?...  Just suggestions...

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