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(Archived) Hidden Tags when Note window not wide enough



When any given Note window is not wide enough to display all it's tags in a row, it wraps them around and hides them under the tags that are showing, starting at the first tag. You can just see their lower edges.

At first I thought this was a bug and the tags were missing; and then I thought it was a bug with them not displaying correctly. Then I pulled the divider to make the note window wider - and they were all visible.

I think that in such instances it would be better to have the tag section automatically get higher to accommodate all the tags in full wrap-around mode; although this does eat into the space to display the note itself. If you have many, many tags, then there could be a menu option to keep just one line of tags.

Or, you could have a symbol that appears at the end of the line of tags that becomes active when there are too many tags to display. Clicking on this will heighten the tag section.

Keep up the good work!

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Bumping this topic. I believe it deserves a higher dev priority, please.

Tags are one of the most important ways to organize information in Evernote. They're important enough to warrant their own pane in the left-hand sidebar. When a note has so many tags that they wrap, they should be important enough to warrant a multi-line display in the note window itself.

At present, though, they are given as much weight as the source URL (when defined), and the tags can then occupy as little as 1/4 of the available horizontal screen real estate.

When a source URL is defined, and there are so many tags that they wrap in the tag window, there is NO WAY to view all the tags in a given note with confidence.

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