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OK, I give up. I am using Evernote v. 3.5 for Droid-Windows. Want to print out a single note. It is not covered anywhere in the Manual. It should be a simple matter. I am certainly tired of copying and pasting into Word. I either get nothing but multiple blank pages or multiple copies of notes.


Alvin S. :(

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Are you trying to Print from Android or from Windows? (I didn't know my Droid included a way to Print at all ... if so, that's news to me.)

If you're printing from your Windows client, then you should be able to select a single note from the list, and then use File > Print

Or double-click on that note to open it in its own window, and File > Print

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I'm having the same problem in the latest Windows client. I've both selected a single note, and double clicked a note to open it in it's own window. In either case, if I select Print Preview, I see a blank page. Printing prints a blank page. So at least the preview and the printing match. :) This is silly. What are we doing wrong? Seems so simple that nothing should go wrong. This is WinXP Pro SP3 32 bit. Version (94533).



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