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I am a premium subscriber; why are you spamming my Evernote app???



Why am I receiving upsells within my Windows app? I am *already* paying for the Evernote service. I want to know why they have thought it a good idea to spam me within the app. Email and other types of upsell seem OK (ish) but there's something about spamming me *within my own app* that feels horribly misjudged. Go away!



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Hi.  I'm also a Premium subscriber,  and I had that overlay.  I clicked the right-hand 'x' and it went away.  Haven't seen it since.  That's not exactly spam...  just 'updating' me on the latest features and offers.  (Courtesy of Evernote Marketing,  who are not generally popular people :P

As long as it doesn't recur too often I'll be happy - every software provider does something similar,  paid or not.

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