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Lost an important Note in a split of a second

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Years to creatre/maintain it, yet  a split of a second to lose it

Somehow I accidently had entire note selected, then pressed the Back button and also hit another key along the process which completely cleared the note, panicked, then immediately Forward to in hope to Undo it, but nope, note gone forever.

Undo option was not working, or CTRL + SHIFT + Z


Is this suppose to be this way,. does it lose it's entire undo history on the previous note, if you jump to another note, BEFORE you realise your mistake? 

Because right now, I can never rely on Evernote to store important documents again...


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Just looked but didn't think it would possibily be there because it was never deleted and the note and note title actually still exists in the correct notebook, but all contents were erased...

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1 hour ago, Lemonope said:

Years to creatre/maintain it

So, you should be able to restore it from your backups.

But in the meantime, it might be a good idea to do nothing until one of the expert volunteers arrives.

BTW:  Many years ago, I taught myself never to leave text highlighted while doing something else. Use left arrow or right arrow to place the cursor at the start/finish of the highlight ready for your next action (if any).

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