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Hi, I use linking a lot in evernote which is great, but using a link to an emai in Mac mail using cmd+k or format-->link-->add is not working? I have to drag in the whole email into the note which create an awful and long link. I just want to embed it like an url or link to another evernote note. It should be very good if you could create this possibility. Thank you, Calle

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9 hours ago, LibertyMom said:

now even dragging it into the note does not work.   when manually adding the link, how do you generate the URL for the e-mail?

Note the recent sandboxing changes in Mojave require security authorization for apps to access each other's data1228332170_ScreenShot2019-03-17at20_18_16.png.0403eb138953a5d83b564ff1b9cd594d.png

Script and Dragging is working for me

I'm not counting on the link being active over time.
I store the .eml file in the note1221467263_ScreenShot2019-03-17at20_25_17.png.e1345a22365acdd2488871ecbab74aec.png


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