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Lost Data, "Undo" did not return it, Again

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I lost data again, and had to get it back with an old version of the note. I was editing a note. It had information in an image of text. The image disappeared from the note. Undoing the "edit" did not bring the image back. This is poor for a note keeping app. 

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Hi.  All due respect to Windows,  Ctrl+Z will often,  but not always,  undo the last change made.  Sometimes it's necessary to Ctrl+Z more than once to make the magic happen.  If that fails,  stepping the note back to the (or any) previous version is only a matter of clicking a link.  Mistakes made when editing however are pretty common in any application - copying the content to another note or another app while changes are made would avoid losing the original.  Images seem particularly prone to disappearing completely if deleted accidentally.

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