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After re-installing Windows app - My stacks are duplicated with only 1 notebook under a stack. So if I originally had 40 notebooks under a stack - I now have 40 stacks with a 1 notebook under each.  I have ran a "fix all notes" and "optimized Database" and restarted - nothing changed. Any ideas?

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Hi.  Sounds like something got corrupted in your app on the re-install.  Have you checked your account by logging into Evernote.com in a browser?  If the content looks OK there,  another uninstall / reinstall might save the day*.  If the same layout is mirrored online you may have to tidy this up manually.  In the windows app it should be fairly easy to drag and drop a single file from one instance of your stack onto another stack.  If that results in two notebooks in that stack,  then you should be able to repeat as necessary.

Edit:  left out a step - find and rename your Databases folder to Databases.old before reinstalling.  This will force Evernote to rebuild the local copy and (hopefully) correct any errors.

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