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Evernote issue or URL issue?


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Gaz, thanks for testing the link. Fortunately, I seldom agree with the liberal rants from Politico, so I can get by without their spin. But I do wonder why it is happening. It might be caused by using the new clipper ( with an older Evernote (Windows (305512) Public)

My clipping setting is always set for the "Simplified article" selection.

After seeing your post, I changed the selection to "Article". I can see that Evernote is trying to select the article using the light green line, but there is still no confirmation black box to save the clipping.

I'll submit a request to Evernote and see if they know what is going on.

Evernote clipper problem.png

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18 hours ago, jbenson2 said:

Is the FBI blocking me?
Or is it the Russians?

I was thinking that maybe you had hit the database clip level for political content :D

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It's not just Politico. I came here to see if anyone else was having a problem clipping in Chrome on the MSN site. When I click on the Evernote clipper, I get the same window with a green border around it but no way to complete the clip.



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Been fighting this same thing for a while and came back to the forums to see if there was a fix.


I have gone so far as to look in the dev tools of chrome and I do not see any reason it should not appear. The clipper iframe is in the source and the css looks the same for the clipper iframe.

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