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Cannot see Tags to Edit in Evernote for Mac 7.1

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On Evernote for Mac, all of my tags are unaccessible to view, find, select or edit in the main Tag view pane. The pane appears blank. However, I can access my tags in the Evernote iOS app and through the Web Client.

I'm running Evernote Version 7.1 (456449 App Store), Editor: 43.0.4829 (edb6eb7) on an iMac with 32GB RAM under macOS 10.13.4.


Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 4.58.45 PM.png

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You can contact Evernote support at 
All Accounts         Twitter @evernotehelps
Paid Accounts      Contact Evernote Support 

For self troubleshooting, my solution would be to remove Evernote and start with a clean install

  • Delete the Evernote app, and all the associated files
    The app AppCleaner is recommended for this
  • Reinstall the app, login, and the database will be rebuilt from the server
    Warning: The rebuild does not include Local Notebooks or unsync'd notes
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I know it's troubleshooting 101 to delete and reinstall a misbehaving app but I haven't yet gotten around to it since I have close to 25K records which, based on past experiences, has taken a day or two for the database to downloaded and rebuild.

I was hoping someone could report from experience of having gone through the same problem with a simpler and quicker fix.

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I know what you mean by how long it takes to get it all back. I have over 18,000 notes so it takes forever! I chatted with Evernote about this issue and I also posted in the forum. I am not sure if we are having the same issue but it looks like it. I posted a couple of screenshots. 

Here is what I posted in the forum... 

"Hi-I am running the latest version of High Sierra (10.13.4) and Evernote (7.2). I have seen this issue with tags for awhile now. I have 18,000+ notes. I am a paid user. 

It used to be that I would start typing in a tag name to rename it and the list would pull up (*see additional information). Not anymore. 

It used to be that if I didn't type anything into the tag search box, all my tags would be listed. Not anymore. 

I used to be able to see all my tags (when selecting Tags in the sidebar) and delete the ones with zero count. Not anymore. 

*In order to rename a tag I have to type it in (having selected Tags in the sidebar), it shows me (on the right) how many notes have that tag, nothing happens so I hit Return and it takes me to the notes that have that tag. So far not helpful. I then have to select Tags again in the sidebar and there is the tag that I wanted to rename! It used to be when I typed in a tag name, it would appear, I would correct the name and that would be that. Not anymore. 

Is it just me? Did something drastically change? Or??? I hope that someone can advise me. Thank you."

Does that sound like what you are seeing? 

The outcome from chatting with Evernote is she wanted me to try a force sync because the note count on my desktop Evernote and my web based Evernote are showing a difference of 5 notes. After the force sync, there is still a discrepancy. 

And apparently deleting and reinstalling the app is the next step. But I am wondering why I have 5 notes missing from the web based Evernote? That makes me nervous to start all over. I don't have a clue as to which ones are missing out of my 18,000+ notes! 

So anyway, that's where I am. 

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I can now report that the problem still persists for me after deleting and reinstalling the app and supporting files, and having completed a full re-download/rebuild (forced sync?) of the database.

The process took about four hours with 24,350+ notes and several thousand+ tags as my internet provider has increased the download speed of my plan since the last time I had to perform a reinstall.

In the interim I am using the Evernote Web Client to edit and delete existing tags.

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Darn. I am sorry that you had to go through that and it wasn't resolved. I haven't done the delete and reinstall and I won't be doing it. That's great that your internet provider increased your speed which I am sure cut down greatly on the time factor! I guess I am relegated to using the web version for now. I am really hoping an update will fix our issue. Thanks for letting me know that you tried the delete and reinstall. If I learn anything I will report back here! 

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