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(Archived) Photos: Within Evernote, or just the camera?


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I am wondering whether there is any advantage of taking pictures using the evernote app versus simply taking a picture then "sharing" it to evernote? Does it end up the same? Are there sizing or formatting benefits? Also, is there a way to zoom in or out on pictures within the evernote app?

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I think that the advanced camera options in our app should let you control the same things as the built-in camera application, but you could compare them to see if anything important to you is missing.

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Very good! If there are no extra special settings in Evernote, I think I would prefer to take pictures outside of evernote so that the pictures are also in my regular cache of pictures. The share feature on my Droid is a breeze to use.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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