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Formatting on links carried after line break

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When I have a URL (auto formatted with blue and underline) on a bullet line, then hit enter to create another bullet, the formatting of the URL stays with the next line. 

Every time I have to go up and correct it. ON EVERY LINE.


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I have the same problem on both Mac and Windows using the latest version as of this posting on both platforms. Nearly every note I have (thousands of them) uses bullet points and pasted URLs. Regardless of how I paste a copied URL (CMD-V or CMD-SHIFT-V) I get the same problem. If I "simplify formatting" after every paste, it clears the blue color from any text that follows the pasted URL but not the underscore attribute. Simplifying formatting also moves the cursor to the top of the page. 

This is a massive hit to my workflow and has made using the tool more of a chore. This is the most basic functionality imaginable. I use default fonts, no special justification, etc. 

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Not a fix, but a workaround.  After you paste and get the blue link, and hit Enter to get the next bullet point, when you type one character, which shows up blue, then Backspace, the attribute clears back to normal.  I discovered this recently.  It's super annoying, but it saves having to highlight your text and change the font formatting.  

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is evernote aware of this bug?? I am not sure how you submit those so wanted to make sure this gets fixed eventually!!  That workaround is better than wasting time using the formatting buttons but it is still a big hit to my productivity and driving me crazy!!

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6 minutes ago, RoyMan said:

is evernote aware of this bug?? I am not sure how you submit those

To contact Evernote Support

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