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Outlook 2016 Evernote Clipper Error

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When using the Evernote add-in to clip a list of Outlook emails to Evernote, I get an error message on some of the emails (see below). Other emails in the list selected clip without error. If I then try to clip the emails that failed to import one at a time, they clip without error. I'm using the latest production version of Evernote and MS Outlook 2016 under Windows 10.


Does anyone know what this problem might be?



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There are two "Save to Evernote" add-ons, or at least I have two. The screenshot you shared looks like you are using the one on the LEFT in the below screenshot. Have you tried it with the other add on?

Not sure if this will make a difference but might be worth the try.


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The button I'm using certainly looks like the one on the left but it is positioned on the right. Are you sure there are two different add-ons? I would have thought that it was just a different icon.




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Hi.  I've stayed with Office 2013,  and have only one button like the left-hand grey one in the image (though it's on the right for me).  I get the same 'missing content' error from time to time and just assumed it was a malformed email header or some such.  Haven't tried to run the process again to see whether it succeeds. 

I'm a subscriber,  so have access to the notes-via-email option - I just forward those emails to Evernote directly.  Outlook 2013 has a 'quick steps' feature that means I can select an email,  hit an Outlook button and the email is forwarded automatically.  (IME Forwarding multiple emails attaches all of them to the same note,  so one-by-one is preferable).

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