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I'm not alone among Evernote users who do not feel comfortable syncing some data to other Apple devices, iPhone and iPad, via the cloud. I would really like to have all of my Evernote data with me when I travel with my iPad, but some of it is too sensitive to upload to Evernote servers. Out of 22 notebooks I sync only 6. Credit card statements, brokerage reports, etc are too sensitive to sync via the cloud.

Is syncing via wifi something we will see in the foreseeable future? I'm sure Evernote is aware that Shovebox does this, so surely Evernote could make it an option. If Evernote is not implementing wifi sync due to the possible loss of revenue, I'd gladly pay double what I'm paying now for this service.

Please give wifi sync some serious consideration.



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I don't store those documents in EN. And I really don't want them on all three of my computers or my phone. I keep them on an encrypted drive on my big dog computer & back them up to an encrypted drive or Axcrypt them if they are backed up to an uncrypted drive. I also back them up to Jungle Disk/Amazon S3 service, that stores my data encrypted. The chances of absolutely needing those things when I'm not at home with my big dog computer are normally slim. If necessary, I can either access them on the Amazon S3 "cloud" through Jungle Disk's web client or using LogMeIn to access my big dog computer from another computer or my iPhone.

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We don't have any plans to synchronize between desktop clients and mobile clients directly, since every mobile platform with WiFi access is capable of synchronizing to our servers.

Synchronization protocols are hard-but-feasible if you do it all as client-server ... i.e. one service, and all clients talk to that service. There are still some tricky conflict resolution issues, but you can do it.

Point-to-point database synchronization without a single "master" is a complete nightmare due to unreconcilable changes happening and being processed in different places. This is a notoriously horrible database problem that has no real simple solution. I.e. this would be a vast amount of work to do completely correctly, and we have no plans to work on this any time in the future.

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Lew asked:

Is syncing via wifi something we will see in the foreseeable future? I'm sure Evernote is aware that Shovebox does this, so surely Evernote could make it an option.

Looks like Shovebox is having some problems with their sync - some recent Shovebox comments:

* This software seems to have been abandoned by the developer. I would discourage purchases as it appears there will be no further development.

* I've have few crashes. It syncs all files on my Mac version to the mobile version with no issue. However, syncing is my biggest issue. The mobile version syncs EVER TIME the app opens. When the sync finishes, it's a ***** shoot as to if it removed what I just entered. This is a huge issue when switching apps when taking notes, or writing down ideas.

* Contacting their tech support ended with a "sent to the engineer" response. I've not heard back in four months.

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BurgersNFries - I don't mean to hijack this post, but Axcrypt? I thought you were using Truecrypt.

I use Truecrypted containers for nearly everything. But after doing a lot of receipt/bill/statement scanning (IE NeatReceipts) & a lot of work in Quicken, I like to make "archival" backups in a folder named Receipts_YYYYMMDD (where YYYYMMDD is the date of the archive.) I make backups of all three apps - NeatReceipts (mostly just thermal receipts from restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, etc), Quicken & Paperport (bank statements, credit card statements, cell phone bill, etc) in the Receipts_YYYYMMDD folder so I know all three are "in sync" as of that date. And then I feel "safe" in shredding all the stuff that I've scanned/entered into Quicken since the last archival backup. I like to have those backups on a different physical drive than my Truecrypted drive so if the drive crashes, my archived backup should be ok. So I often copy them to an unencrypted drive & then Axcrypt them. That's pretty much the only thing I use Axcrypt for. Saves some space on the Truecrypted drives for new scans, too. But I don't Axcrypt anything that I plan on having to use in the future. Just backups that will eventually get deleted when they are old enough. :D

Note: I'm probably more anal/OC about stuff like this than a reasonable person should be. :lol:

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Looks like Shovebox is having some problems with their sync

I don't use Shovebox. I got a copy awhile ago as part of a MacHeist bundle. I gave it a try...syncing for me between my old MacBook Pro and iPhone worked well. When I got my new MBP about a month ago I didn't install it.

There are other programs I use everyday that sync well over wifi: 1Password and Reunion come to mind. So it can be done well.

Evernote has elected to go another route, so I'll have to live with the limitations that presents.


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Since Evernote has no plans to offer wifi syncing, I have had to look elsewhere for a solution.

Those, like me, who don't want to sync sensitive documents to their handheld device via Evernote servers should take a look at GoodReader. With it you are able to transfer files to your device via wifi or USB. Using a wifi connection, the GoodReader folders appear in your finder as shared folders. You just drag your files to the folders.

They have separate apps for iPhone and iPad.


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