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(cloud-only) Archive Notebooks possible?




I was wondering if there is an option / trick / workaround to have one or more notebooks not being download on the PC and therefore can be archives for notes that are not being used and literally filed.

I saw the option to automatically "unload" notes older than x days but that is not helpful to me because some projects go 5 years while other only 30 days and I want to manually file them. 

I also want the notes to be removed from the laptop/PC in order to free space.


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Hi.  Two comments...

  1. It's your data.  Are you happy that some third party (no disrespect Evernote or Google) that you don't know is holding it for you in a foreign country (probably) to which you only have access via a working connection to the internet?  - I always have one current local copy of my full database somewhere... just in case.  (Those pesky zombies might still get in here :blink:)
  2. If you enable on demand sync and set the bar for 90 days,  any notes that you don't look at during that period will be removed from your local system but left on the server.  If you decide that you need the information in such a note,  it will take a few seconds (depending on the content) to download,  just as it would on a mobile device.  It's not a huge issue.
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This is essentially the same request that's been made before. 

As noted, the Windows has no such facility, though the "Purge rarely viewed note content" is related.

Another thing that you can do is just maintain a second account (it can be free), and move notes to that account when you're done with them. There's no easy way to move an entire notebook, but it's not hard to come up with a simple workflow.

Archive notebooks is another previously requested feature.

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