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Auto scan pictures using ocr feature

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A few days ago Evernote for Android asked if I wanted to enable a feature to scan pictures for text and add them to my notes. This happens outside of Evernote, just using the camera on my S8. Now I take a few pictures and then my phone starts buzzing like a maniac as Evernote scans the pictures for text and then prompts me to save or ignore each one. I cant for the life of me find how to turn this off. As a workaround I disabled the storage access permissions from Evernote and that seems to work for now but assume Evernote will need storage permissions at some point and dont find this a suitable fix.


Anyone know how to turn the ocr off??? Thank you.

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Thanks, forgot to mention I tried that too but it continues to scan each new picture for editable text. I don't want to just "Not be notified", I want to turn the feature off completely. But thank you.

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Hmmn.  It seems to vary with different users - I have mine switched ON,  but don't often see notifications and never see extra notes.  Maybe I just don't take the right sort of pictures.  Others are complaining its not working for them.  It's a new "feature" - hopefully they'll work out the bugs soon.  Meantime try working off any frustrations by tweeting @EvernoteHelps to ask them for... er,  help.

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Oh great idea! Better yet, set a scheduled tweet every 5 minutes until they answer lol. But seriously, this thing scans every picture I take which is mostly nature shots so kind of annoying :) Thanks again. 

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