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Unable to fix formatting from copied web content

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I copied part of a web page to a note. I then was editing out the irrelevant parts of the webpage to consolidate it with other text (which is why I didn't use web clipper). I am in Chrome OS.

The buttons copied over from the web page are images that are anchored in place and float over whatever text you put there. When I look at the source code, they are inside a div. Since we cannot edit the html (or whatever your code is), I am unable to delete the images. Using delete/backspace doesn't work and there's not a way to do it by right-clicking.

I am unable to remove formatting from the copied text. So I have large spaces between paragraphs due to padding I cannot remove. Again, if I could edit code directly, I could fix this. Or if the formatting editor included more functions, I could possibly fix it. The only workaround would be to copy text to Notepad and then back to evernote, but since I am on a chromebook, this is not possible as far as I know.  I did try copying over to Google Docs, then clearing formatting, line spacing. I can see it working in Docs, but when I copy back over to evernote, it still retains padding between paragraphs.

If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Thanks.

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Unfortunately, that can be a problem with copy/paste from a web page. The formatting that Evernote can edit successfully is a lot simpler than the formatting that it can display, so editing complicated web markup can be tricky.

A note: yes, you it is possible to edit the Evernote markup (it's a subset of XHTML; see https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enml.php). You need to have a desktop Evernote application (i.e. either Windows or Mac) available to you. Export the note to disk, and open the resultant file in a text editor. Hack away, and import it back in. But since you're on a ChromeBook, that's not going to work for you. A pity; there used to be a 3rd-party web site that could load a note for you, and let you edit its ENML markup, and then save it back. But it's no longer operating, as far as I know.


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