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Windows 10 2018 April Update

Ethan Mings


Does anyone know if installing Windows 10 2018 April 2018 update breaks items in the Evernote Beta 2 version or if it breaks anything in the previous version of Windows 10?

 I am trying to avoid anything that would break Evernote at this time.  Thank you.

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1 hour ago, TK0047 said:

OS Build 16299.402

That's the current (as of first-thing today) version of Windows. Supposedly, MS is going to start pushing out the spring release today. We haven't seen it, so... (can't imagine it would break anything in the app - but stranger things have happened.)

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I got an update to 1803 last night... interestingly, the notes said that support for Linux within Windows is getting better. Have to check out how that works when I have a couple or 6 hours to 'spare'!!

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This release of Windows purportedly has a feature to help address fuzzy fonts ... because newer versions of Evernote have an issue with drawing horizontal rules consistently when the scaling is set to 125%, I wonder how this feature and this bug affect each other!?  [I reverted to 6.7.5, so until I try a newer version/beta, I can't test this]

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