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Notebooks disappeared in penultimate & unable to update notes in Evernote

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3 questions:

1. I created my 9 notebooks in Penultimate and then they synced to Evernote ... and when  I go to Evernote I see all of the notebooks with notes but I can’t update the notes ..... how do I update notes in Evernote???

2. Although  I can see all of the notebooks in Evernote I still only see some of the notebooks in Penultimate...why is that?

3.   How can I assign noteS in  Penultimate to notebooks in Evernote or Penultimate?


 thank you in advance !1

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I use Penultimate extensively. I have found that if I name my Penultimate Notebooks exactly the same as my Evernote Notebooks, when I create a Note in penultimate it automatically syncs to the same notebook in Evernote.

Unfortunately, you cant change or add to Penultimate Notes in Evernote. However if you make the change to the Note in Penultimate, the change syncs through to Evernote.

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