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Unable to get IFTTT to Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders


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I've been unable to get the IFTTT recipe, "Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders" to function, at all, and am curious if anyone has ideas on how to get it functioning properly with my iPhone 7. Steps I've taken:

1. IFTT account is set up and other Applets are functioning properly. 

2. I set up Speak Notes to Evernote using Siri and IOS Reminders by a). Created a Reminder List titled, "Evernote," and b. Created an Evernote Note titled, "Siri Notes." I clicked the "Check Now" button and it indicates, "Checked." 

When I activate Siri, I say, "Add Evernote Reminder Take Fluffy for a walk." Siri then asks me which list I would like to add the note to, and I say, "Siri Notes." Siri will then save the note correctly to the Evernote list titled, "Siri Notes." 

While this in itself is convenient for taking notes on the fly, it would be nice to avoid having to answer the follow-up question from Siri asking which list I'd like to save the note to. 

When I check the Activity Log in IFTTT, it doesn't show that any recipe related to this was launched. 

If you are currently using a version of this recipe that launches, what's the title of the recipe, please? (There are several variants on IFTTT). 

Anyone have tips on how to get this recipe working properly, please? 


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Thanks for the reply.

I verified the Siri Search settings are on.

The IFTTT recipe I have has never been trigged. 

It would be nice to be able to speak a note to Siri, have it Saved in Evernote, and have that done without Siri asking, "Which List Should I add that to?"

Specifically, I'd like to record notes in the same Evernote Note without Siri asking me every time which list it should be saved to. 

If that can be done, how do you do that, please? 

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I recommend you troubleshoot each function individually

  1. Siri to Remider List
  2. IFTTT applet: Reminder List to Evernote
  3. Siri to Evernote Search 

>>without Siri asking, "Which List Should I add that to?"

Read this out loud   "Hey Siri ... Add to my Evernote List blah blah"

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That was very logical, helpful, and thanks to your suggestion, I've gotten it working.

The trick for me is, I say to Siri, "Add Reminder Take Fluffy For A Walk." 

When I do that, Siri says, "Okay, I'll remind you." Then the IFTTT recipe is triggered, and it auto transcribes it to "Siri Notes" in Evernote. Awesome.

Thank you, DTLow!

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Does IFTTT really need to have notifications turned On for the recipe to work properly? 

I've reverted back to using "Add Evernote Reminder" and skipping IFTTT entirely. IFTTT doesn't seem to consistently trigger, and so I'm going to just add notes directly until a better solution comes along. 

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