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(Archived) Importing multiple notes at once

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Ok So I just got my dad an Evernote account and I have 74 pictures of business cards I would like to import into evernote, each one being a separate note. What is the easiest way to import all of these in one swoop?

Instead of clicking create new note, then typing in the name of the note, then hitting attachment and then adding it, and doing this 74 times. Is there a super easy way to import?

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You don't say which client you're using. On the Windows client, the easiest way for me to add many notes is to put them in a "watched/import" folder. I keep a folder around specifically for this purpose. In this case, I'd copy the 74 images to the import folder. Once they are dumped into EN, I would then go in & change the titles to the name and/or company, since I like to have accurate titles. Please search the board on the words "folder import" for more information.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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