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Saved search including specific notebooks AND tags?


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Is it possible to create a saved search that includes specific tags but only certain notebook? Can't figure out how to do this. Any tips you can offer would much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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A search like: notebook:MyNotebook tag:TagA tag:TagB is supported (one notebook max, and the notebook: term mush precede any tag: or literal text terms). This translates into: find all notes in notebook "MyNotebook" that have tags "TagA" and "TagB"

For more info:



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4 minutes ago, KW_S said:

I remember the issue now, I need to have the saved search includes several notebooks.

stack:MyStack can also be used in a search.  No other  options for multiple notebooks.

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1 minute ago, DTLow said:

stack:MyStack can also be used in a search

That's not documented in any of those places, but it certainly works on the Windows client.


3 minutes ago, KW_S said:

I remember the issue now, I need to have the saved search includes several notebooks. Will the OR syntax work with more than one notebook like it does with tags?

No, not using the notebook: termFrom the documentation: 

Scope modifiers

notebook:[nb name] - will match notes in a notebook with the provided name. Name matching is case-insensitive. Since notebooks have exclusive relationships with notes, at most one notebook can be provided for the search. If no notebook is given, the search will go over all of the user's active notes. The notebook is not included in the "union" created by the "any:" operator. E.g.:

  • notebook:"Bob's first notebook"
    • Matches all notes in this notebook
  • notebook:"Hot Stuff" any: mexican italian
    • Matches all notes in the "Hot Stuff" notebook that have the word "mexican" or the word "italian" in them.

any: - If this expression is found at the beginning of the search (after the "notebook", if present), then the search will return a note that matches any of the other search terms. If this is not found, then the default behavior will be used: a note must match all of the search terms. This expression cannot be negated.

Per DTLow: If your client supports the stack: search term, then you can search all of the notebooks in a stack (i.e. stack:MyStack tag:TagA tag:tagB). That search is" find all notes that exist in any of the notebooks in stack 'MyStack' that have both tag ''TagA ' and 'TagB'


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DTLow: Thanks. I think using the stack parameter will work best. I'd prefer not to separate my notebooks into different stocks but I'll get over that at some point.

Thanks for the help!

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