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(Archived) Freezing when first typing in new note

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I have 2 computers with Evernote 3 beta installed. On both when I first start typing in a new note after getting about 3 characters on the screen Evernote freezes. If I continue to type it will often get the whole of what I typed. Other times some of the strokes are missing. Sometimes the freeze can be up to 20 seconds. Sometimes it's just a few seconds. But, it is repeatable on two computers and happens every time with a new note.

Desktop Computer

3GHz P4


Windows XP Pro SP2

Tablet PC

1.2GHz Core 2 Duo


Windows Vista Business (no SP1 yet)

BTW, my brother and I both bought the full version of 2.2, not because we needed the extra features, but because we want to pay for Evernote. We are both addicted and don't want to live without it. After playing with the ability to index text in scans, however, we now need the features we thought we didn't need. Thanks for the fantastic product. I don't want to go back to the time before Evernote.

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I have a similar issue, but while the lag is annoying what is much more annoying is that my notes get chopped up as I'm typing into two notes. As soon as I start typing a new note, EverNote creates another new note below the one I am typing in (I guess because the one I am using is no longer a new note and they want to ensure there is ALWAYS a new note available, even if you are busy typing in a note at the time. When this new note gets created on my WinXP SP2 laptop about half the time it steals the focus and half of my new note gets typed into the new-new note. Does that make sense?

Say I am trying to type a note consisting of the following text:

"Here is my new note.

Pretty cool isn't it?"

I start typing in a new note directly and the output looks like....


"Here is my new note."


"Pretty cool isn't it?"

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I've given up on the beta because I need instant response from my note application. I use it as a replacement for sticky notes. Every call, every work action gets a note. I'm back on 2.2.

I'll keep trying new versions until this issue is resolved then I'll be back on the 3.0 wagon. This is also assuming that I'm given some option to blanket encrypt all of my notes.

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