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Business card feature: why can't I add links, pic, notes?

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I used the Scannable app to get business cards into Evernote and e.g. add links to the person in my notes. So far so good and the LinkedIn feature is neat.

But - and I think this should be the whole point of this feature - when I go into a meeting with that person, I want to either add my meeting notes into that persons business card note or at least create a link to the meeting note. But this is not possible.

I also maybe want to add a few more links to his/her projects or just add a few pictures or whatever is related to that person.

But currently, I can only type text into that business card note. WHY? To just store business cards there is better apps out there.

I don't want to say that the feature is kind a pointless if one cannot work with(in) the note but it seems much better to just make a normal note and add the business card, etc as scan/pic/pdf.

Is there any chance this feature will be developed further or is this just something that EN has not got around to remove yet? :huh:

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I agree that the business card format/note can be improved significantly. I love having the cards scanned and the data is extracted but I find myself trying to make more notes and the note format does not allow me. For example, if they have a LinkedIn account that was not associated with that email address listed in the card, Evernote will not find the LinkedIn. So if I locate their LinkedIn account, I would want to copy paste a snapshot of their info, photo from LinkedIn.

But that is not possible. I cannot even edit the photo if they dont have the LinkedIn account.

I generally end up creating a new note and reference the business card note link in that note for all the things I want to note. That is my work around for the time being.

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@TK0047: good point(s)! I actually forgot about the LinkedIn issues. 

It would be superb to have everything of that person in one place - IMHO this is how this feature is or at least should be designed. 

If I’m not wrong, at the moment one can’t even add a link to their LinkedIn profile...

I don’t even want to dream about some sort of automatic sync with MS exchange or Gmail contacts, etc but these contact notes are even more important / valuable for EN business where maybe contacts are passed on to a new manager, etc. - isn’t EN promoting itself to be a knowledge storage for teams? And then one can’t store contact info properly...? Hm. 

Just saying ;)

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21 minutes ago, TK0047 said:

But that is not possible. I cannot even edit the photo if they dont have the LinkedIn account.

I just see that you can add a picture through the iOS app. 

But it is annoying that certain things can only be done in the iOS app - e.g. add a backside of a business card. 

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one question for the experienced with this:

I actually tried to combine the business card note with a normal note in order to have a "super" note of that person. BUT, EN says I do loose the ability to edit the business card note in a warning when trying to merge. Hm.

I would prefer to keep the business card notes as they are in the hope that in some future update/upgrade EN improves this feature and there is something magical I can do with those painfully imported contacts...

BUT, at the same time, I want to find a practical way to add a link into the business card note so I can jump back to the note I came from. At the moment, I have a good system allowing me to jump (via internal links) from person (the "notes" note of that person as @gazumped recommended) to project to details and back. But if I go to the business card, I'm at a dead end and have to manually find my way back to the notes note of that person.

Doesn't feel right. Feels more like someone at EN had a good idea once and got shut down half way through it...:huh:

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7 hours ago, Maddhin said:

I want to find a practical way to add a link into the business card note

OK - best I got is this:  It's a bit lateral,  and I tested on a laptop,  not a mobile so YMMV when dealing with these cards but:

  1. Duplicate your business card note(s) - works for me in Evernote Windows
  2. File the original away in an archive for the future
  3. Create a new note (possibly using a standard template) to hold the extra info you want to record.
  4. Merge the duplicate business card note and the extra page into one - you'll get the "created in a different app" warning,  but ignore it. 
    (Take care the card note is in a standard place at the top or the end of your merged notes)
  5. You -obviously- only need to do this as and when you're adding new information to a contact,  so you don't need to attack a whole bunch of previously recorded notes at one time.

Good luck!!

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