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(Archived) Cut and paste from evernote into word / email



There are times when I would like to cut and paste my notes into an MS word documents or an email (entourage). However, there is no way to keep the formatting. So every time I create a note or outline, I consider if I may need to use the note in another program. This make it very difficult if not impossible to use for work. I'm not a premium subscriber, but I would be if the formatting functionality was better. Is there any solution to this issue.

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I just did a few tests using the formatting buttons in our client, then pasted into Word.


It preserved some of the formatting pretty well, although lists were lost.

For comparison, I also pasted into Mail.app, and that handled everything perfectly, so some of the formatting loss may be on the Word side.


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Unfortunately, list formatting is probably the most important. I imagine that being able to keep list formatting between MS programs (PP, Word, outlook) is important to a lot of users, particularly users who want to build it into their corporate life.

Thanks for the quick response.

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I just took notes using Evernote on an iPad, when i returned to the office, I opened up the Evernote app on the Mac, viewed the latest note with my meeting notes, selected all the notes, copied the selection to the clipboard, opened Microsoft Word, pasted the contents of the clipboard into the a new document and I got a single paragraph of the text with no linebreaks.

This is not useful at all - what can be done to copy the text in a "formatted" way (actually, just preserve the line breaks that I entered into the note and that are displayed inside the Evernote app) and get it into a Word document?

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another detail which I just tested - if I use "Paste Special..." on the Mac to paste the contents of a note that has been copied to the clipboard, I now get a linebreaks after every line of the note BUT any place that I entered 2 line breaks when I was first entering the note, they are replaced with a single line break. Again, not useful as the double line breaks were key to providing a base level of structure to the notes as they were being taken.

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