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I imported some very long sets of data from a database program -- contacts lists and a list of research materials -- and enjoy using Evernote to add to these documents. However, when I search them using Evernote for Mac, I don't see a way to tab through the search results quickly. When I log in via a Web browser, the search function clearly lists the number of hits within the note and lets me click the down arrow to jump to each result. I want to be able to do that in the application as well. Instead, I have to scroll endlessly, looking for the highlighted terms. Seems like a little problem, but in a document of this length, one that is too wide to be visible on one screen, it makes it much tougher to search quickly. Any solutions? 

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Using a different editor/format works for me.
Its my goto solution to improve on the editor features

For example, you pointed out the web browser works beter than the Evernote/Mac editor.
You could also use MS Word as a format and editor.

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