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Formatting problems with 7.1 for Mac

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I use Evernote 7.1 for Mac, along with Evernote Clipper for Mac Chrome 7.1.0. Since migrating to these new versions (last week? - can't recall), I've experienced several annoying issues:

1. When clipping articles from my browser, I'm unable to type in part of a tag that brings up all tags with that word. The tags that appear are only those that begin with the sequence of letters I type in, but this is much less user-friendly when you can't recall exactly how the tag name begins (a great many are sub-sorted with different lead words). Previous versions of Clipper did allow that, and it was vastly better.

2. When using the Evernote application itself, all new clipped articles have a weird formatting that does not correspond to my preferences. For example, my default text is Arial, but the text appears in PT Serif font (I hate serif fonts!). Moreover, the headlines are in 83 point font, which is far too large. And finally, the margins of the clipped article are very narrow - what happened to the wider margins of previous versions?

3. All of this means I have to go in and manually reformat the text to a smaller Arial font.

4. I'm attaching screenshots of a. an example article as it appears in my browser; and b. an example of how it appears on my Evernote. 

I hope Evernote is aware of these bugs (at least I hope they recognize them as such) and will correct these in future updates.

Evernote 1 2018-04-18.png

Evernote 2 2018-04-18.png

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I have exactly the same issues.

Headlines in PT serif 83pt are just a nightmare (note readable on an iphone for instance).

And the width of a note made by Evernote clipper is constrained - not the usual word wrap along the window anymore.

And the evernote clipper is not able any more to search a notebook by typing the beginning of the name.

Please, come back to something more user-friendly.

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Hi.  Each new release gets an announcement thread in the forums,  which the developers watch to see what comments pop up from some real world usage.  It's a good idea to attach comments there if you can,  because while the rest of the forums do get read by staffers in due course,  there's no timescale on how long it might be before your comment is seen,  and you will not (usually) get any reaction,  because Evernote don't comment directly on such things.

If you do need a reaction it's best to contact Support via https://www.evernote.com/SupportLogin.action if you're a subscriber,  or https://twitter.com/evernotehelps if you have any problems with that link,  or you're not.


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